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Zenoah G260RC Chrome with Clutch BB244D

Zenoah G260RC Chrome with Clutch BB244D | Engine Accessories | Losi DBXL Aftermarket Parts  | Engine Accessories | Zenoah Car Engines

Zenoah G260RC Chrome with Clutch

$490.25 (inc GST)


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The brand-new 2005 Zenoah G260RC engine is a 25.4cc (34mm bore, 28mm stroke) performance machine. The engine features a stronger intake manifold for better thermal isolation, a red silicone spark plug cap, new blue gaskets, wider intake and exhaust ports, a lighter 34mm piston and thinner ring for reduced reciprocating mass, and improved transfer port matching between cases and cylinder. This engine offers serious performance. It features a 4 transfer port 34mm cylinder, Walbro WT-603 carburetor (15.88mm bore, 12.7mm venturi, independent high and low jets) in your choice of linkage configuration, lighter flywheel, re-designed "hemi"-style combustion chamber, and full-circle crankshaft. Includes 54mm inner clutch assembly preinstalled. Includes installation instructions. Engine is available in complete form, or you can choose purchase the engine without the carb assembly, airfilter, or muffler if you already have these parts and don't need them.
If you will be using this engine for scooters: Select the DDM heavy-duty carburetor linkage + swivel (option bc110).
If you will be using this engine for R/C: Select the stock Zenoah carburetor linkage (option bc260).
For Scooters: Fits chain-driven Super Go-Quad, Quad 25, Quad 30, GSR25, GSR26R, and GSR29R. Also fits spindle-driven Sport, Liquimatic, Bigfoot, X-ped, Super X-ped, Super Bigfoot, Go-Quad, Super Go-Quad, and Homebuilders Kit if outer clutch drum (part gt201) is installed. 
For R/C: Fits a wide variety of R/C cars, planes, boats, and helicopters. For cars - fits FG: Marder, Leopard, Monster Beetle, Monster Truck, Stadium Truck, Pajero, Sportsline, etc. Also fits Duratrax Firehammer, Firehammer MT, XTM Grizzly, Carson Attack, HPI Baja 5b, Traxxas Monster Buggy, MCD Rally, MCD Race Runner, MCD 4x4 Monster Truck, and most other large scale onroad and offroad RC cars. 

Available in factory black finish or with aftermarket chrome shroud, fancover, etc pre-installed. 
Engine Stats: Displacement: 25.4cc. Power: 3HP @14,000 RPM. Torque: 1.4 ft/lbs @10,000 RPM. Timing:30 degrees BTDC @ 8,000 RPM. Compression Ratio: 8.8:1. Fuel: 91 octane (using the R+M/2 octane rating method) or higher mixed 25:1 with 2-stroke oil.