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Proline Bowtie Front Tyres

Proline Bowtie Front Tyres | Wheels, Beadlocks & Tyres | Wheels And Tyres | 1/5 Rims, Tyres And Accessories

Proline Bowtie Fronts

$65.00 (inc GST)


Pro-Line gets aggressive with their multi award winning Readers’ Choice Award tire design the Bow-Tie, now for the FRONT of 5B.

• Ultra beefy center lugs measuring .62” wide x .37” x .25” tall
• Lateral lugs provide ridiculous amounts of forward bite
• New upgraded molded blue foam inserts inlcuded
• Made from genuine Pro-Line long-lasting yet durable XTR rubber
• Direct use with Pro-Line Desperado rear wheels or stock HPI wheels
• Contoured tread design for greater side bite stability

Pro-Line Part # 1150-00