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Backlash Gen 3 Kitset (copy)

On sale
Backlash Gen 3 Kitset (copy) | Boat Kits/RTR Boats | Home | Boat Parts

Backlash Gen 3 Kit COPY

On sale!
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The Backlash is a larger-scale cousin to the very successful Whiplash. At over 48" long, this Gas Sport Hydro is extremely stable in rough water conditions, and is very fast due to its sleek aerodynamic package. The first weekend on the water, the boat broke the long standing IMPBA oval record at 20.284 seconds for two laps (1/3 mile course). Due to the unique sponson design, we designed a new turnfin for this boat which makes the boat handle like a dream.

The Backlash Gas Sport Hydro Kit is cut from a CNC laser with exact precision. All skins are 1/16'' 3-ply birch aircraft grade plywood, and the frames are 1/8'' 3 ply birch plywood. You can buy the kit with or without a fiberglass cowl. A 26 page instruction manual as well as a CAD layout are also included.

Backlash Accomplishments:

  • 2010: Broke the IMPBA oval record.
  • 2011: New Zealand Nationals winner.
  • 2011: IMPBA LSG27 Nationals winner
  • 2011: IMPBA LSG36 Nationals winner
  • 2011: NAMBA Heat Race record holder
  • 2011 to present: NAMBA G1 2-lap oval record holder
  • 2011: NAMBA GX1 2-lap oval record holder
  • 2012: NAMBA G1 Winter Nationals winner
  • 2012 to present: NAMBA GX2 2-lap oval record holder
  • 2012: NAMBA 6 lap heat race record holder - 64.37 seconds
  • 2012 to present: NAMBA G1 SAW Record Holder - 97.65mph
  • 2014 to present: NAMBA G2 SAW Record Holder - 97.55mph
  • 2014 to present: NAMBA G2 SAW Record Holder - 96.73mph


  • Hull Length: 48-1/2"
  • Hull Width: 22-3/4''
  • RTR weight: 13-1/2 lbs