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Silverback v3 Lipped Outer HD Beadlocks for Baja 5b/T/SC and Losi 5ive - Green

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Silverback v3 Lipped Outer HD Beadlocks for Baja 5b/T/SC and Losi 5ive - Green | Wheels, Beadlocks & Tyres | Wheels, Beadlocks & Tyres | Specials | MGC Carousel

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Since 2008, Silverback RC has designed the strongest possible beadlock, which we have manufactured from our unique blend of ballistics grade Kevlar reinforced composite polymers. We have once again taken another look at our original and version 2 design, and looked at ways that we can further improve upon both concepts to produce the only beadlock worthy of fitting to your RC.
Our very latest v3 lipped outer beadlock rings includes the raised profile which acted as a bumper to deflect from side impacts, and we have increased this bumper even further out from the tyre sidewall. We have also smoothed out the bumper itself to give a less 'toy-like' look to the part. This has increased the lip thickness by a MASSIVE 300% over our original v1 design. The diameter of the part has also increased, thus protecting the deeper sidewall tyres of the Losi 5ive-T platform with greater effectiveness. These enhancements improve upon the protection for the sidewalls of your tyres, and you can now use these on the front & rear wheels of the Baja 5B model.
Independantly tested in laboratory conditions against every plastic beadlock manufactured to date, including our own v2 design (June 2013). Our products blow the competition away in terms of flexural strength, and impact resistance, at temperatures ranging from -23 degrees to +60 degrees Celcius. Nothing gets close !

Sold conveniently as a set of 4 outer rings for the optimum in weight saving, toughness, and cost effective protection for your RC. Beadlock screws are not included with this set, but our ultra coarse threaded screws are available separately in packs of 40 (item number 191208).
Suitable for HPI Baja 5B/5SC/5T (and clone variants), and Losi 5ive-T models.